Written by: Nora Cook Smith
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Nora Cook Smith is the author of A Not So Perfect Christmas, and has also written poetry and creative non-fiction. She is very active in her community and has created newsletters for several organizations. She lives in Michigan with her family and is currently working on a mystery novel.

A Not So Perfect Christmas

Christmas isnít always gingerbread houses and mistletoe.

Sometimes it’s opening the present you don’t want only to find out it’s just what you need. It’s turning yesterday’s leftovers into today’s holiday feast.

Nora Cook Smith adds her own special twist in this collection of short stories surrounding our most celebrated holiday. A slacker college student comes to the aid of a difficult feline and his life takes an unforeseen new direction. A young woman must bless her past before she can move on as a minister, and a coyote’s howl in the forest helps a young widow discover life still has possibilities.

Whether it’s getting along with an ex-wife’s child or savoring that rare moment when a malefactor gets his just desserts, these stories are not so much about surviving the holidays. They’re about jumping headlong into the mess and celebrating the miracles.