COM Publishing Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

Q. Who or what is COM Publishing?

A. COM Publishing is a small house that publishes mainstream, humor, and non-fiction.  Included under the COM umbrella are three imprints: Sword and Science (fantasy and science fiction), Blood and Blade (horror and paranormal), and Ink and Dagger (mystery). More imprints may be added, if we think up more cool names.

Q. Who was Annabelle McIlnay?

A. Annabelle McIlnay was a writer and editor, who for many years, held classes for aspiring writers throughout southeastern Michigan. Wielding a mighty green pen and a lifetime of practical advice, she taught us everything we know about writing. Annabelle passed away in January 2004, and we still miss her.

Q. How can I order your wonderful books?

A. In an ideal world, you would be able to buy them at the grocery store, the tire store, and everywhere you can buy everything. Since we haven’t achieved world domination (yet), you can buy our books by clicking the Purchase link by each book’s cover and description. Our books are also available on But not at Costco, at least not yet.

Q. Do you provide copies for reviewers?

A. To request review copies and information about our authors and artist, please contact us at

Q. Can I get an autographed copy of a book?

A. If you buy it through our web site and don’t mind waiting a little longer, then yes. Also, you have to ask nicely. (Actually, our writers are just happy when you ask.)

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. At this time, we ship to USA and Canada.

Q. If I give you my email address, will you turn around and sell it to the offshore pharmacies and insiders with the groovy stock tips?

A. No way. We hate that practice as much as you do.

Q. How can I schedule an author or artist to appear at my bookstore, school, children’s birthday party, or basement shrine?

A. Ask nicely, don’t scare us, and we may be willing to hang out with you. Snacks help. To request an appearance by one of COM Publishing’s talented minions, please contact us: (email address here).

Q. Can I copy from you, or perhaps borrow some of your awesome illustrations?

A. Maybe, if you ask nicely. Requests to reproduce material published by COM Publishing, Inc. must be made in writing. Please submit your inquiries in writing to: COM Publishing, 43422 West Oaks Drive, Ste 292, Novi, MI 48377-3300.

Q. I found a typo – YAY me!

A. Congratulations! Now please let us know so we can see that it never happens again:

Q. I have a great idea for a book! If I give it to you, can you have one of your writers knock it out in 80,000 words and split the profits with me?

A. Sorry, dude, but ideas are never in short supply. If even if we had unlimited free time, we could write for the rest of our lives on the ideas we already have. Some of us could spend that much time just finishing all the novels we’ve started.  There are ghostwriters out there, but you need to do the research to find them.

Q. I sent you the only copy of my 3897 page fantasy novel that in no way resembles anything written by Tolkien. Where’s my big fat check?

A. Ok, first off, never ever give your only copy of anything to anyone, not even your mom. It’s the 21st century, and that big humming box on your desk that lets you download music and play Spider Solitaire will also make endless copies of your manuscript files. Unless you don’t have a computer yet and are pounding away on your mom’s old Smith-Corona typewriter, which in that case, you aren’t reading this anyway. But everyone else – go back up your writing. Do it now. That said, sadly, we cannot accept unsolicited manuscripts. We know how crummy that is, we’re writers too, and we know what it’s like out there. But we’re also scared of getting buried in manuscripts that we don’t have time to read.

Q. But my mom thinks I’m awesome!

A. You undoubtedly are. But we have our hands full right now with a full publishing roster and reviewing accumulated manuscripts. We wish you and your mom our very best in your publishing endeavors.

Q. Fine then. Will you accept query letters/emails/text messages/burnt offerings?

A. Some day, yes, we hope to. Right now we don’t want to make any promises we can’t keep.

Q. How about fan fiction, can we send you that?

A. For the love of all that is holy, no.  Not that we doubt your mad skillz, or that you think you know that characters better than their creators do, but from a legal standpoint, we really don’t want to go there.

Q. Fine, I’ll start my own publishing company.

A. Go crazy.